Why Visian ICL?

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Before Visian ICL came along, the only permanent vision correction, other than, glasses or contacts was corrective laser eye surgery like LASIK. With LASIK the surgeon must remove corneal tissue from your eye. I don’t know about you, but since I have such a high degree of myopia, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be removing any live tissue from my eyes. With Visian ICL, no tissue needs to be removed. Visian ICL also provides a new level of vision correction that is sharper, clearer, more vivid, and has greater depth and dimension, thus it is referred to as ‘High Definition Vision’. And this is all in a simple, 15-30 minute outpatient procedure.

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The “WOW!” Factor wow factor

Visian ICL patients experience immediate improvement in their vision, thus, creating the ultimate “WOW!” experience. The quality of vision achieved by these results many times are better than any other vision correction solution. A lot of the times, patients tend to achieve better than 20/20 vision. I was one of those patients, as I have achieved 20/15 vision clarity after having severe myopia. You can read about my severe myopia here. Just image looking off into the distance within nature and being able to see it with such crisp, amazing clarity and the minute detail of all your surroundings. It’s other worldly, it feels super-human!


Designed For Permanence Yet Easily Removable ICLPIC

One of the great advantages of Visian ICL over any other vision correction is that, while it can permanently correct your vision, it can also be removed and/or replaced if necessary. It is very unlikely, but if the patients experiences negative side effects after surgery, the lens can be removed or replaced just as easily as it was implanted to begin with. The same goes with the possibility of the patient’s myopia significantly changing later in life, then the lens can be replaced with a higher powered lens.  The Visian ICL lens is designed to be worn for the rest of the patients life.

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Better Choice By Patients Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white ba

Over 99% of Visian ICL patients are completely satisfied with their results, you can include me in that 99%. Since the recovery time is quick and pain-free and there is little to no discomfort the Visian ICL is the best choice when it comes to vision correction. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Visian ICL provides much more crisp, sharp, and clear vision than any other vision correction out there. It’s kind of like new, amazing technology for your eyes. So, why Visian ICL? I think the answer is clear, the Visian ICL is the choice for the best quality of vision.