Watch A Visian ICL Experience 8-Minute Video


I wanted to alert you and anyone else that is part of the Visian ICL community of a really well done video, recently posted by Parkhurst NuVision Advanced Vision Correction on their Youtube channel. Parkhurst NuVision is located in San Antonio, Texas.

This video starts with a short introduction from surgeon, Dr. Gregory D. Parkhurst. Most people know about LASIK and he wants to get the word out about the even better vision correction technology – Visian ICL.

Then, you get to meet the patient – Dennis Tran. He starts off by saying that he doesn’t have unrealistic expectations, like being able to see in HD or anything. Just to note, I don’t think that is an unrealistic expectation – many people (and especially younger people) do, in fact, see in very crisp high-definition after the Visian ICL procedure.

Some see in HD after just a few hours from receiving the implanted lenses. I, still to this day, One year and 7 months after my Visian ICL procedure have amazing high-definition vision. It can be a VERY realistic expectation.

Alright, enough of me – here is the video. Please, enjoy!

My Visian ICL Experience! – Real Patient, Real Stories, Real Results! Parkhurst NuVision


Bonus Video

Here’s another short video telling you what the Visian ICL is.. Enjoy!

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