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Welcome to the Visian ICL Community Support Page!

You may have arrived here after downloading & reading my eBook “My Visian ICL Experience: A Tale Of High-Definition Vision” – If so, I hope you enjoyed the read and I thank you for downloading.eBook aweber cover

I published it for a ‘PAY WHAT YOU WANT’ price point. If you already threw me a few dollars when you downloaded the eBook, I thank you VERY much! You certainly shouldn’t feel obligated to pay more, but I won’t stop you!

For those of you who downloaded the eBook for FREE, I thank you for your interest in ‘checking it out’ first – so you’re not ‘on the hook’ for $$ when you may not like the eBook. I understand completely, no hard feelings! But, I’m assuming you’re here for a reason – hopefully that reason is, you enjoyed the eBook and would like to give me a little support for working so hard on it!

If this is the case, please click the PAYPAL button below. Once again, you can choose the amount you’d like to pay for the eBook. I appreciate any and all support. The PAYPAL button below allows for paypal or all major credit cards as a payment source.

You Rock!

Thank You For Your Support!




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