My Visian ICL Experience: A Tale Of High-Definiton Vision eBook


covercontentsheadshotby Ryan Jerome



Do You Have Very Poor Vision?

Is Your Prescription Level Anything Like Mine Was: -13?

Would You Like To See In High-Definition?

You can! The Visian ICL is a quick and virtually painless vision correction solution that is much more beneficial than LASIK. Don’t be frightened by laser eye surgery, I had the Visian ICL procedure done during the summer of 2013 and now my vision is better than ever! I also chronicled my experience, starting at the age of 6 when I first wore my thick glasses, all the way to today – almost 2 years after the Visian ICL – my vision is 20/15. I can literally see in crisp, quality high-definition!

Maybe You’d Like To Read A Real-Life Experience With This Surgery?

I’ve got one for you! If you download My Visian ICL Experience: A Tale Of High-Definition Vision by Ryan Jerome, you will…

  • Learn about the Visian ICL procedure
  • Discover an amazing alternative to LASIK
  • Get an in-depth look at this high-tech laser eye surgery
  • Read my personal story, actually going through it all
  • Follow along the eBook by listening to the audio version (If you take advantage of the BEST value package and download both)

 You Won’t Find Any Other eBooks On The Market That Give A Personal Visian ICL Experience Like This.


I Thank You For All Your Consideration & Support


Audio Blunders

Listen to 30 seconds of silly nonsense, outtakes and screw ups I made during the recording of My Visian ICL Experience – audio version. **The downloadable audio version has been edited and corrected.**


Download The eBook

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ONLY $7!!



ebook plus audioThe eBook + The AudioBook

The complete package! Listen along, while reading the eBook.

  • 50 minute MP3 audio file
  • 45.8 MB audio file size
  • Will play on all MP3 devices
  • 25 page PDF book
  • 4 MB PDF file size
  • Easily readable on smartphones or tablets
  • Visually stimulating




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