Field Of Vision Augmented Reality Interface



Now that you are using Visian ICL technology to see in beautiful, crisp high definition, what is the next step in vision technology? What if the ICLs could load software apps? What if the ICLs could recognize swiping or gesture technology?

What if the ICLs could cure blindness and help save lives? Is all of this just science fiction nonsense or could these things become science reality? It is true that it is only science fiction, so far, with respect to the Visian ICLs, but all these technologies are being tested and implemented in other forms of wearable vision enhancers like glasses and even contacts.

Eventually we could all have the field of vision interface that Tony Stark (Iron Man) has to help us throughout our everyday lives.


Meta 1 & Meta Pro (Speaceglasses) Iron-Man Interface

Check out this video by Unbox Therapy. This technology is still in it’s infancy but imagine the possibilities here! Especially if you were to load this tech into your ICLs. These are being called Spaceglasses and two different versions were tested in this video, the Meta 1 and the Meta Pro. You can find out more here – SpaceGlasses.

Take this technology even further and imagine the ability to see potential health problems within the person you are looking at while wearing your field of vision tech. This tech could alert you to an impending heart attack or stroke, thus giving you ample time to provide all the necessary safety requirements. The possibilities really are endless.

Google Glass & Phantom Vision

Google Glass is a wearable glasses – type technology that has been around for awhile, in this video they are using Google Glass along with Phantom Vision drone technology to give the wearer of the Google Glass the ability to go in and out of their own field of vision view or the drone field of vision view. Once again, very cool technology and the possibilities for having this kind of technology implemented within the ICLs would be truly amazing.

Sight – Short Film

Here we have a futuristic short film created by The CGBros, called Sight. This video incorporates a lot of the app technology and some augmented reality into wearable contact lenses. While watching Sight, imagine the contacts the main character is wearing were actually ICLs. Even though it’s not shown, this film makes me think of the possibility of having the technology to help save lives, as well as the ability to cure blindness.

Other Technologies

Pedestrian walkway off the eastern corner of the PlazaAugmented reality or virtual reality technologies that are wearable are no longer just science fiction. They are quickly becoming reality. Take for instance a newer startup company called Innovega, they have what they’re calling iOptik systems. Glasses and contact lenses with these technologies are being created through the iOptik systems program. See the field of vision view through their glasses. Innovega is showing a lot of wearable technology potential, keep your eyes on them so they can put their eyes on you.

Heard of the Oculus Rift? This wearable technology is being more touted for it’s virtual reality gaming possibilities. Their headsets feature 360 degree tracking making it easier for people to move without feeling constrained by staying in the camera’s range as the Rift’s external camera can track the back of the headset as well as the front.

ar-contact1These are just a few of the new wearable technologies that either will or have hit the market already providing field of vision augmented reality type of interfaces. It’s sure going to be interesting to see the progress of these technologies and others we don’t even know about yet. The competition is heating up thus driving the innovation strong. I, for one, can’t wait to load these technologies into my ICLs!