Fall Foods To Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy


fall foods for healthy eyes


One of the most powerful nutrients for healthy eyes is a little something called Lutein.

Lutein shows up in some various foods but you can also supplement with it if you aren’t ingesting enough of those foods.

Or, if you would just like some added protection for the health of your cells within your eye.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the Macula Vision Research Foundation. They say that Lutein is critical to the health of the macula and prevents oxidative damage to the area of the retina responsible for fine vision.

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22 1 Year After Visian ICL Surgery




So it’s been one year since I had the Visian ICL surgery.

There have been some ups and downs with the halos and glares during most of the year, but everything has pretty much cleared up for now. Just to re-hash a little, my vision prescription was almost -13 diopters in both eyes pre Visian ICL. I had been wearing glasses since the age of 5 and started wearing contacts around the age of 12.

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