3 Months Post Op Visian ICL Update



Date of Follow-Up Appointment: September 17th, 2013 7:40AM

3 months and 13 days since Visian ICL surgery

Yesterday, I had my 3 months follow-up post-op visit with Southwestern Eye Center. I was brought in and they took me to a room I hadn’t been in yet. This room was much darker than other rooms I had been in previously.

The light for showing the letters and numbers to read was much brighter as well. I thought to myself, this isn’t going to be good because I still have some minor halos and glares in the dark, with bright lights.

The minor halos and glares I am still experiencing are predominately in my right eye, they have mostly diminished in my left eye.another eye chart

They had me cover my right eye first and see what the smallest line I could read with my left eye was. I, once again, was able to read the 20/15 line perfectly.

I really wanted to be able to read that 20/10 line but no luck. The halos and glares were of no consequence in the left eye. Now I had to cover the left eye and read the smallest line with my right.

I told the guy in scrubs that this room was causing some pretty bad glare in my right eye and I proceeded to only be able to read the 20/25 line…

I know, for sure, if I had been in one of the other rooms I was always brought into before, that I would have been able to read the 20/20 line, at least.

Then, when reading with both eyes my left eye was able to dominate over the glare in the right and I could still read the 20/15 line using both eyes.

Finally, before the doctor was to come in, I had my eye pressure measured and all was good on that front.

For the past couple weeks I have been experiencing quite a bit of itchiness in both eyes.

It has been feeling kind of like itchiness I have experienced in the past. Though, in the past, the itchiness was caused by wearing my contacts way too much and a little bit of allergies. I let the doctor know when he came in about my itchiness and he said it seems to be allergies.

He gave me some more Durezol eye drops and said to only use them when they feel very itchy durezolto the point I can’t stand it. Durezol is a steroid drop and you don’t want your eyes becoming dependent on that. I used the drop once this morning and it immediately cleared up any itchy feeling.

The doctor took a look at my ICLs and said they look perfect. I let him know I’m still experiencing minor halos and glares mostly in my right eye and he, once again, reassured me that they will clear up over time. I tend to believe him as my left eye has pretty much cleared up all glares.

So everything has really healed up nicely and I am very happy with my vision results. To go from not being able to see anything, unless it was right in front my face to seeing 20/15 while using both eyes is really pretty incredible. I’m still amazed everyday by the incredible detail of everything really, but most of all outside, taking a look at nature. I am blown away!

update2My next appointment will be in another 3 months, making it my 6 month post-op visit. I won’t update on my Visian ICL experience until after that visit, unless something major happens with my eyes.

Otherwise, stay tuned to this blog for other helpful posts and possibly other Visian ICL stories/experiences. Cheers to high definition vision!

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