1 Year After Visian ICL Surgery




So it’s been one year since I had the Visian ICL surgery.

There have been some ups and downs with the halos and glares during most of the year, but everything has pretty much cleared up for now. Just to re-hash a little, my vision prescription was almost -13 diopters in both eyes pre Visian ICL. I had been wearing glasses since the age of 5 and started wearing contacts around the age of 12.

Over the many years of wearing contacts they were starting to create horrible irritation under my eyelids, forcing me to go back to just wearing my huge coke bottle sized glasses.

2015visionOne year ago, today, at the age of 32 I finally had all the craziness with my eyes fixed. The Visian ICL has provided me with some serious high definition vision, I see better than 20/20 overall. Actually it’s still 20/15 out of my left eye and 20/20 out of my right eye.. Using both eyes together my left eye dominates and I can see 20/15. The crisp detail of nature outside is where I really notice the amazing difference.


There were some minor complications (if you really want to call them that), that led to seeing starburst halos and glares at night or in low light situations. I was prescribed an eye drop for lowering eye pressure that I used for a little more than a month but it’s been 4 or 5 months now since I’ve used them.

I think it’s safe to say I no longer need them as the halos and glares have just about gone away. There are few times where they will come back but I am able to blink a few times and focus my eyes away from that and then they just disappear. Not a problem anymore!

icl diagram

I’m still amazed at how many people I meet that have never heard of the Visian ICL. It has come up many times in conversations I have and I feel the need to tell them EVERYTHING about it since it has completely changed my life.

It is very clear that I would recommend this Visian ICL procedure for anyone who is in need of it and has been proven to be a good candidate for the procedure.

My only regret in this whole thing is that I wish I would have had the Visian ICL done a long time ago, but at that time the technology of it was not as good so maybe I got the Visian ICL just at the right time.

hidef eyeLet me know you’re story in the comments below, or ask any questions you may have about the Visian ICL.. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Life is beautiful, take a look! I am a true VISIANARY!!




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